Homemade Food… lameness and joy

My first attempt at making homemade noodles was so-so… they were cute, and homemade looking, which was a bonus, but, they were pretty chewy. If you like that in pasta, then by all means, enjoy… but, I for one, am not a huge fan. I wonder if it would help if I could them longer… or if that would make it worse. Well, needless to say, there are many more “experimental noodles” in my and my husband’s future. (Thank for being such a good sport, Honey!)

noodle dough

noodles, before boiled to imperfection

Here’s the site where I found this recipe: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2009/05/homemade-pasta/

My next creation turned out much better… and I will be baking these often! They are Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls, and they are wonderful! The sweet potato flavor is very much a hint, and probably only noticeable at all because I know there are sweet potatoes in it.

Hubby and I had to wait until close to 9:00 pm for these babies to be ready… but it was so worth it!

Here’s the site where the recipe is: http://www.caramelpotatoes.com/2011/11/11/sweet-potato-dinner-rolls/

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