Snacks and Dessert

 Pretzel Bites and Blackberry Cobbler

The Soft Pretzel Bites were a lot more involved that I had hoped, but I would say that the effort was worth it. The recipe makes quite a few, and they are super tasty! Especially when they are dipped in cheese sauce. Such a snack makes homework a little more tolerable.

Of course, mine didn’t look as cute… but such is life ;)

Here is the link to the recipe:



Blackberry Cobbler… super easy recipe, excellent served warm with vanilla ice cream. Hmmm….

Berries and sugar.... lots and lots of sugar ;)


Just 30 more minutes.... the wait is soooo long!

Done and ready to be enjoyed!

Here is the site where I got this recipe:

This is probably my favorite site for recipes. I always know that if I follow them right, they’ll turn out delicious!



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