Menu Plan

Here’s my menu plan for the next week and a half-ish… I’ll give you the recipes after I try them. They are all new, so I’m looking forward to trying them out! I don’t really have any rhyme or reason to my planning… I just write down what I want to make… and I try not to cook chicken two nights in a row ;)

Tuesday: Baked Potato Soup with Whole Wheat Rolls

Wednesday: Indonesian Rice

Thursday: Leftovers*

Friday: Teriyaki Chicken with Coconut Rice

Saturday: Quinoa with Veggies

Sunday: Leftovers

Monday: Cream Cheese Chicken Soup in Homemade Bread Bowls

Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff with Pasta

Wednesday: Leftovers


*We’ve been trying to save money in the groceries department, which is why we have leftovers every two days. We just want to be sure not to waste anything… and, as much as I love to cook, it is nice to have a couple of nights off.

Many of these were in my recipe book, and I realized that I hadn’t tried them yet… so, I went through my book completely, and removed all of the recipes that I have never cooked, and ones that weren’t so great. Now, I know that everything in my book has been tested and approved!


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