Life is a journey…

This past August my health took a dive, and I’ve been struggling ever since. My life has been filled with trips to the doctor’s office and trial and error with different meds. In late October I had a seizure at work, most likely due to some meds I was taking, and now we’re still trying to figure out what is wrong with my body and what is causing this pain and discomfort. Anyways, that is basically a quick run-down of the past  5 months of my life.

Well, with hard times also come reminders of God’s goodness. People have been so loving and gracious to us, keeping us in their prayers, bringing us dinners, buying us food, and cleaning our house. : )

A sweet, dear friend brought me beautiful flowers the other day, as well as dinner.



We pray that the hard times end soon, but we also pray that God is glorified in the midst of them.




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