I’ve been reading When I Don’t Desire God, by John Piper lately… because I felt that I’m in dire need of joy. Struggling with illness, and spending many hours alone each day can be joy-depleting… and I’ve allowed it to be. My heart is saddened, because I know that the Bible has much to say about joy in Christ. Christ is meant to be loved, as well as cherished and delighted in. I have not done such a great job… letting my heart be lazy… letting the circumstances of life that aren’t so lovely add to my feelings of being alone. It would seem that I gave up… but, I can rest in the truth that my Savior has not given up on me. Because of that truth, I can honestly smile… even though there is still so much growth that is necessary in my life for me to be honestly at rest in Jesus at this time.

Father… I cannot thank you enough for your patience… your grace… your beautiful mercy and love toward me. I know that you care… and you desire that I delight in you. Please overwhelm my heart with truth.

I love you. Please help me to love you so much more with each day that passes. I want to be at the place when I can look around, and claim “All I have is Christ!”

I read this quote in the book I’ve been reading… it’s worth sharing:

“Always you renounce a lesser good for a greater; the opposite is what sin is… The struggle to submit… is not a struggle to submit but a struggle to accept and with passion. I mean, possibly, with joy. Picture me with my ground teeth stalking joy- fully armed too as if it’s a highly dangerous quest.”
-Flannery O’Connor, The Habit of Being

I need to fight for this joy… the joy that is in God… for when I delight in Him, He is glorified!!


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