Favorites: Food Blogs

1. http://www.divascancook.com


The name of the lovely lady who runs this website is Monique, and I have her to thank for teaching me to cook! She shows on video how to cook many of her recipes, which is great for something who is learning. Her recipes have all been delicious, and so I never have to worry about doing “trial runs” when I’m having dinner guests :)


This lady makes amazingly yummy food!! Her steps are very clear and easy to follow… and did I mention that she’s absolutely hilarious? I read through her entire posts (which I’m normally too impatient to do) because they’re just so funny. I love how her personality really shines through.

3. http://annies-eats.com/


She has tons of tasty recipes on her site… and I especially love her desserts! They are beautiful, and I’ve had great success recreating some of her treats.

4. http://www.toneitup.com


These girls have fantastic healthy recipes! Fresh and cleaning eating here…

5. http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/


This is a healthy dessert blog. I still have yet to try out any of her recipes… but I’ve been drooling over her posts and photos!

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