Sephora by Izak Mini Palette (first impression/review)



I picked up this sweet little palette from the Sephora website because it was on clearance for $9 and looked promising. I’m so glad I ordered it! I’ve played with it a little, and it used to do a look today.

This palette comes with a blush and bronzer, as well as four eye shadows  Each shade is pigmented and creamy feeling. I’m not sure about how they wear, but over a primer, I’m sure they’ll be great!

The blush is a peachy pink shade with subtle golden shimmer, and the bronzer is a matte, medium brown.




The Eye Shadows were a little more glittery than I was expecting, but I still like them. The first shade is a light, super shimmery champagne shade, the second is a light pink with silver sparkle, the third is warm deep brown with silver and gold sparkles, and the last shade is a cool, medium brown with very subtle golden shimmer.




I would definitely recommend this product.  I love that I got it on clearance, but I like it so much that I might even be willing to pay more for it. ; )

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