bread of the french variety


I’m not sure what makes this a french bread recipe… it seems like just a plain ‘ole bread recipe. It is tasty, nonetheless. This is one of those fool-proof bread recipes that you mix up, let rise, throw in the oven, and hork it down before it has a chance to cool. At least, that is how it is in my home with my hubby and me. It’s amazing how much bread we can pack away with just the two of us and a stick of butter.

Oh, butter… *sigh*. Whenever I see a recipe that calls for a lot of butter, I think of the movie Julie and Julia (which is my current fave of all time). I love the line that Julie types in her blog… “If an asteroid was heading toward earth and we only had 30 days to live, I would spend them eating butter.” Amen to that Julie… I couldn’t agree more!

Anyways, back on topic…

I hope you try the bread and enjoy it!


Here’s the link for the blog where I got the recipe:

Side Note: I have also tried making this bread with half whole wheat pastry flour. It turned out ok, but it was definitely more crumbly. I think I’ll have to try it again with a different ratio… a little less whole wheat flour. It was still pretty tasty though! ; )


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