Essence’s “Vintage District” Blush Review & Swatch

I was so excited when I spotted this beauty at Fred Meyer. Essence is one of those fantastically cheap brands that is hit or miss… but mostly hit in my book. I love their lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, and eye shadow… so I didn’t think twice about whether or not this blush would be worth the $3.50 price tag. Oh, and for the record, I’d say it’s worth much more than that!


This blush is part of Essence’s summer collection, so I’m sure it’s limited edition. If you see it, grab it. It’s gorgeous, and it’s beautiful to look at, even if you don’t like to wear peachy blushes! Essence is sold at Fred Meyers, like I mentioned above, as well as Ulta. It might be available other places that I don’t know of. Of course, you can always check the website on their store locator.


This blush is nicely pigmented and is easy to blend. It’s just, a plain and simple nice blush. The only let down is that the gold accent is just a light over-spray, so it won’t last.  Of course, the flower design won’t last forever either. I do love the gold shimmer with the blush for beautiful glowy cheeks, so I might add a shimmery bronzer when I wear it after the over-spray fades.


please don’t mind my hairy, Italian arm ; )

So, there are my thoughts on this sweet new blush. You get a ton of product that not only looks lovely in the pan, but adds a pretty peachy glow to your cheeks just in time for summer! This is a definite win!

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