Recent Recipes: Hits & Misses

I thought it would be fun to share the results of some of my latest recipe attempts. I have never seen a post like this, and I thought it would be helpful!


* Thai Coconut Peanut Butter Curry:


I will just start by saying this recipe is a HIT! Super flavorful and tasty! I must warn you that it is pretty spicy… so you might take that into consideration when preparing it.

It was simple and quick to prepare and it is healthy. There is also a lower-calorie version for you to check out if you are so inclined. This re-heats well and makes a wonderful lunch the next day.

I also prepared some brown rice to eat with this dish, which stretched it a little further, and was a tasty addition!

My husband is also a fan of this curry, so this recipe has definitely made it into our regular recipe repertoire.



*  Grain-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites:


This was my first experience with baking gluten-free cookies and I must say that, to my surprise, they turned out well! I think I under-baked them a bit, which isn’t a big deal, but I might try to bake them a little longer next time. (I’m always paranoid about cooking/baking things too long! No one likes dry cookies! Well… unless they are biscotti.)

This keeper is a HIT! Check it out. :)



* Creamy Avocado Pasta:


This recipe was a MISS(ISH)… It wasn’t bad… but the lime flavor was pretty strong. It just tasted a little off. Next time (Yes, I’ll make it again), I think I’ll add less lime. It was nice and creamy and easy to prepare. I would definitely recommend it still. Hey, you might love the lime! : )

With the whole wheat pasta, this makes a great healthy dinner. Try it out, and see what you think!



2 1/2 Minute PB2 Cookie:


This is another MISS(ISH) recipe. The flavor of the “cookie” was good, but the texture was not so great. I think this might be my fault though, because I didn’t have the egg substitute and used egg whites instead. Over all, this isn’t a bad recipe. It’s a great little treat for a snack, right around 3 pm, when I need a little sweetness in my life.


Thankfully there weren’t any big MISSES this time around, but I’ll definitely post them if they come up! ; )

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