Avoiding food…

Just another health update…

According to a recent allergy blood test, I must now completely cut out the following wonderful foods: wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, bananas, and pineapple. The list seems so random… and yet, I am hopeful that avoiding these foods will be the answer to my poor health. Only time will tell.


I tend to be very skeptical when it comes to “health solutions” like this… since going gluten-free is such a huge fad right now. It is humbling to think that I  have to be part of the crowd for the next several weeks. Although this is inconvenient, it will be worth it if I can get some relief. Right? Of course right.


So here it goes… a strict diet for the next several weeks before I can slowly try to introduce these foods again one at a time.

I am currently off to  hunt for some new recipes so I do not starve. : )

P.S. I shall miss you, my beloved sharp cheddar cheese.


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