R.I.P. Makeup Products

This post includes makeup that I have used up, almost used up, expired, and/or is just plain awful. I wanted to do a quick overview of what I have used so I can tell you if I liked the product, if I’ll repurchase it, etc…

1. Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette in “Hidden Agenda 07”  (I believe this only comes in one color option.) You can find this for $9.99 at Target.




As you can see, I did not use up this product completely… but it is not because I didn’t like it! I kind of forgot about it for a while as I was trying other concealers, and it dried out a bit. This meant that the concealer wasn’t as creamy and creased like crazy. Before it dried out, it was great!


I love the color options inside: a greenish (a more natural looking green… not one of those crazy pastel bright greens) shade to counteract redness (which of course I have), a salmon shade for under eyes, a lighter shade, and a setting powder. The setting powder is super nice and very finely milled. Those little brushes that come inside aren’t all that bad either… and in a pinch, they do the job.

Overall, I would recommend this for anyone looking for a cream concealer. I would consider purchasing this again.


2. Covergirl Clean Foundation-for Sensitive Skin… available at any drugstore, or Walmart for around $6.00(ish)


Let me just start by saying that if you are considering buying this foundation, and are sensitive to scents, get the “sensitive” version! I also have a bottle of the kind for normal skin… and it stinks! It has a really obnoxious perfume-like, chemically smell. There’s your warning.

I would say this foundation is worth the price… it is low-cost, and it is so-so. This product is not terrible, by any means, and at the same time, it is not amazing either. It has light coverage, and feels nice on the skin.  Other than that, I really do not have much to say… it’s just a classic, drugstore, middle-of-the-road-product.

Will I repurchase this? Probably not. There are so many foundations out there that I am eager to try…


3. E.L.F. Cream Liner in “metallic olive”… available at eyeslipsface.com or select Target stores for $3.00


I wanted to badly to swatch this product for you, but even the remnants were too dry for me to pick up any pigmentation. This eyeliner is creamy, pigmented (when it isn’t dried out!), and is easy to apply. Obviously, this product is also a good price!


There are two cons that I must mention… the first is the staying power. It didn’t last all day on my lids, it can easily smudge/move around. The second is that it dries up fairly quickly (which is probably due to the plastic packaging). I think if you love cream/gel liners and want to have more colors, then you should give these a try. This is another middle-of-the-road-product for me.

I would consider repurchasing this as I think it is worth it for the price.


4. NYC Smooch Proof 16 Hour Lip Stain in “Endless Spice 495″… Around $4.99 at local drugstores.




Here is another product that dried up fairly fast! It did not last 16 hours… obviously (Why even make this claim??) This product lasted maybe a couple of hours? Not too bad… but not at all close to their claim.  The shade was pretty and natural… and it was easy to apply, due to the marker shape that it is in. This makes it easy to sort of outline your lips first and then fill them in.

Overall, this product is ok… not sure if I would recommend it. There are much better lip stains on the market… I would not repurchase this, personally.

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