Planting Seeds

I have never had my own garden before, but I’ve always aspired to. I love the idea of being as self-sufficient as possible, and I also love the idea of saving money!

This garden is a gamble for me, as one who has never attempted to grow anything. I have not a single green digit on my hand, and I have often killed potted plants that have been gifted to me. (Not on purpose, mind you!) And yet, I am determined to make these veggies and herbs grow!



My fingers are crossed… I hope this works! If not, I suppose there is always next year. ; )




I made little “pots” out of newspaper, since they are biodegradable. I got the idea off of pinterest. (Three cheers for pinterest!)




Speaking of pinterest… of course I have plans in the near future to make cute garden markers. Here are two ideas that I really love:





And… lastly, this is the garden that we are in the process of putting together. I actually like the look of the cinder blocks… they kind of have a cool industrial feel. : )


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3 thoughts on “Planting Seeds

  1. I just recently started growing a lemon seed and it is going great. It is a tiny green sprout right now but I am proud of it. I love all the tips you show to start a garden :) I will definitely have to look into this and hopefully expand my hobby into a garden. Thanks for sharing :)

    • jesslachelle says:

      Thanks! I would love to grow some fruit trees also… but for now I think I would be getting ahead of myself! Good luck with growing your lemons! : )

      • And best of luck with your planting as well. If you ever want to read some funny and inspirational stories, you are more than welcome to come by and check out my blog :)

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