Shopping: Jewelry and a Sweater

I placed an order at the other day, and just thought I’d share what I bought! I have never ordered from them before, so I cannot attest to the quality of the items, but if it is terrible, I’ll let you know.  I am not super picky about jewelry… for the most part, I like to get fun, trendy stuff. It’s a wholesale site (obviously), so everything is super cheap! I shopped under the “free shipping” section as well.

** Vintage Starfish Metal Ring: $1.99


** Vintage Punk Styles Golden Floral Shaped Ear Clip: $2.99


** Vintage Punk Styles Sliver Fish Scale Shaped Metal Bracelet: $2.99


** Vintage Punk Styles Multi-layers Tassels Collar Chain: $2.99


** Fashion Punk Styles Black Triangle Integrated Metal Bracelet: $2.99


** Vintage Colorful Peacock Metal Earrings: $2.99


** Vintage Metal Ring: $2.99


** Simple Punk Styles Feather Shaped Metal Earring: $1.49


I was really looking for some fun, unique pieces, and I’m excited about what I found. Can’t wait until they arrive!

Also, a little side note about this website is that they have a point system. You get a point per dollar that you spend (100 points when you create an account). It takes about 20 points to earn $1.00 that you can add toward future purchases. Kind of fun… not sure how much I’ll shop here, but hey, the points are a little bonus.

I ordered this sweet little sweater from

Tops gradient sale the knitted cardigan women crochet top sweater outerwear batwing shirt

(Yeah, quite the title for a sweater, eh?)


(sorry for the super tiny photo…)

This site also has a “free shipping” area to shop, and offers a lot more than the other website. One downside is that a lot of the items are one-size-fits-all (yeah…right). Some of the items have measurements, so definitely check them out… since everything is from China, sized tend to run pretty small, so order one size up, if you can! I ordered a little peplum jacket from here before, and I was very surprised by the quality. It’s comparable to Forever 21, but costs even less. (Yay!) I love to have LOTS of options when it comes to my wardrobe, so if I can pick up fun pieces for an inexpensive price, I’m all for it!

Anyways, all that to say… when it comes to these kinds of shopping sites… I’d say, order at your own risk! ; )

I think this will be awesome for summer… to throw on over a sun-dress, swimsuit, or around the bonfire on the beach. (Oh, how I do love beach bonfires!)

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