DIY Lipstick Palette


As you saw in my R.I.P. Makeup Products post (here), I used up my Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette. I liked the look of the palette, so I started tying to think of ways to re-purpose it. It was then that I saw Emily post a DIY lipstick palette on her Beauty Broadcast Blog. Her post inspired me to turn this concealer palette into a lipstick palette. (Hers is a little different because she didn’t actually melt down any lipsticks for her palette, but the idea of re-purposing an old palette was what inspired me.)

This palette will be great to keep in my purse or to take on trips. I picked some of my favorites, while still trying to have a range of colors for versatility. I thought it would be practical to have a nude, a coral, a brighter pink/berry, and a more wearable pink.


Sonia Kashuk “Hidden Agenda” Concealer Palette… de-potted, obviously. ; ) It wasn’t hard to de-pot at all… I just pried my metal nail file under each little pan, and they popped right out! If you struggle with something you’re trying to de-pot, just search on YouTube… there are TONS of different tutorials.


Lipsticks from left to right: Covergirl’s “Eternal” 350, Covergirl’s “Fairytale” 405, “Wet n Wild’s Fergie “Bebot Love” A034, and Maybelline’s “Windsor Rose” A60


So, they aren’t perfect… but this was my first attempt… I just need more practice. : )

I had a hard time deciding if I should do four or five lip colors, so I decided to do four for now, and keep a tiny lip brush with the palette so I don’t always have to use my finger to apply.



Swatches: Windsor Rose, Bebot Love, Fairytale, and Eternal

Emily’s Lip Palette Post

Emily's brilliant palette "transformation" : )

Emily’s brilliant palette “transformation” : )

Here is a great tutorial on how to melt your lipsticks into a palette…

MakeupGeek lipstick palette


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