the balm “balmbini palette”


This is a great, multi-functional palette! The Balm has great quality shadows and cheek products… and this palette represents the brand well. I would definitely recommend it.





highlighter/shadow: promiscuous pearl, and liner/shadow: jinxy jasmyne


I wanted to compare this highlighter in the palette to their other (famous) highlighter, Mary-Lou Manizer.


LOVE this Luminizer! Check out my review here.


Mary-Lou Manizer on the left, and the highlighter/shadow from the palette. You can see that Mary-Lou is slightly more golden. It also has a creamier texture.


These are the Shadow/Liners: Manic Maribel, Open to offers Olwen, and Lavish Latoya. (Interesting names, eh?)


Lip/Cheek Cream: Strawberry and Lip Gloss: Nude

Thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “the balm “balmbini palette”

  1. AHHH!! I wish I would have seen this yesterday before blowing a bunch of money on new stuff!! lol Oh well! Thanks for sharing. I’ve never seen this palette until now!

    • jesslachelle says:

      Ah, bummer! But I am sure you will enjoy what you got. New stuff is always fun! Thanks so much for reading my post! I checked out your blog… and now I’m following. Thanks!!

  2. […] have a review for this palette: hereCheck it out if you’re […]

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