hard candy “fox in a box” blushes


Blush Facts:

  • available at Walmart
  • for more info, visit Hard Candy’s Website
  • each blush contains 5.7 grams/.20 oz. of product
  • each blush costs around $6

These blushes are nice… they are middle-of-the-road drugstore blushes. They are unique in their packaging (remind you a bit of Benefit boxed powders?) and I do like the fact that they have multiple shades in each blush. This way you can mix and match to your heart’s content. : )

A quick little heads up… these are pretty powdery. If that bothers you,  I’d recommend you skim ’em. The “powderiness” doesn’t really bother me so much.


“Skinny Dipping”


Left to right: a pretty tan(ish) color with red undertones, and a very orange peachy shade. They look really pretty swirled together. I also like to apply the darker tan shade under my cheek bones, and the peachy shade just a little higher on my cheek… then blend them together where they meet. This is a great blush for the summer!

here is the image of the blush from hardcandy.com.... this photo is more true to the actual colors than mine is.

here is the image of the blush from the Hard candy website…. this photo is more true to the actual colors than mine is. I really want you to see how awesome that peachy-orange shade is!


The first two swatches were done with my finger, and the bottom swatch was applied with a blush brush to give you a better idea of how the two colors swirled together would look on your cheeks.


“Smooth Talker”



This is a really pretty, subtle and natural looking blush when the colors are swirled together and applied to the cheeks. It contains a light orange creamy shade, a brownish-mauve shade, a medium pink, and a lighter pearly pink.


Just like the above swatches for the last blush, the last swatch on the bottom is all of the colors mixed and applied with a blush brush.


“Hot Flash”



This blush gives a bright, hot pink color to the cheeks. It has a very light, soft pink, a matte tan shade, a bright warm pink, and a medium cool tone pink. This one has the worst quality of the three. You just need to make sure that you are really swirling your brush around in the blush to get the best distribution of the shades.


Shades are swatched clockwise, and the final swatch is all of the colors swirled together and applied with a blush brush. Look how crazy that hot pink is!


Here are all three blushes swatched side by side for comparison. The first swatch of each color is applied with a blush brush, and the second swatch is more concentrated and applied with my finger. Shades from top to bottom: “Skinny Dipping”, “Smooth Talker”, and “Hot Flash”.

There are four total shades of these “Fox in a Box” blushes. The one I don’t own is called “Truth or Dare”. Here is a photo from the Hard Candy Website…


I’m considering picking this one up… it would be fun to have the whole set. : )

These blushes are totally fun and cute, but I wouldn’t say they are a “must-have”. I do not really have strong feelings about them either way. I definitely do not regret purchasing them, and I use them frequently (especially “skinny dipping” and “smooth talker”). If they intrigue you, then go for it! If not… you aren’t really missing out on anything big.

Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “hard candy “fox in a box” blushes

  1. pearlsnheels says:

    Thanks for the great post! I have always wanted to try “smooth talker” I love the packaging of these blushes so much.

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