pixi fake awake kit

Well… I am just going to come right out and say it: this product was a bit of a fail for me.  The photo below is actually from the Pixi Beauty website because I already returned it.


Here is what they say:

“Deluxe on-the-go complexion perfection kit to give a fresh, awake look in seconds – a power nap in a box!

What it is formulated to do:

This drawer of instant awakeners gives you the inside secrets to a flawless, radiant & well-rested no-makeup look. Packed with easy to blend formulas in illuminating colours, this kit is sure to get you glowing in a few fuss-free seconds. The textures are sheer but effective and brighten the face instantly.

Kit Contains: 2 concealers, 1 cream highlighter, 1 brightening cream, 1 peachy cheek & eye awakening powder, 1 nude setting powder, 1 glowy pale pink lip gloss and 1 strawberry red lip & cheek stain.”


This kit is decent. The concealers kind of covered imperfections and under-eye darkness, the highlight was pretty, the gloss was nothing special, and the blush was nice… it was all just ok. My problem is the price! I don’t want to pay $28  for a bit of product that is ok. I think I can invest this same amount of money in another product that will perform better for me.

The lip stain actually did not work well for me at all. It only lasted a couple of hours, and started wearing off in the middle of my lips. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a dry “ring” around the edges of my lips that was patchy. (gross!) It was as if I applied a lip liner very poorly. It grabbed on to the dry patches and wore off in other places. Perhaps if you kept reapplying, this wouldn’t happen? I’m not sure.


If you like subtle color and simple makeup (and money is not an issue), then you will probably enjoy this kit. It is quite adorable, to be honest. : )


Benefit has a couple of kits that are similar that I have heard are worth checking out:

s1449966-main-hero s1435593-main-hero s1435601-main-hero s1435619-main-hero


Thanks for reading!


Has anyone tried any of these kits mentioned? What are your thoughts?

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