hard candy glow away bronzer and highlighter duo


This product screams “hello summer!” to me. Both shades create a beautiful, glowy highlight wherever you blend them in.

Here is what Hard Candy says about this product:

“Duo bronzer and marble swirl highlighter stick delivers an instant bronze glow on one side and shimmering highlights on the other.  Light, creamy formula blends effortlessly to provide a gorgeous, just back from vacation, sun-kissed glow!”


I have it in the shade called “Maui”. There are two other shades available: “Tahiti” and “BoraBora”. You can check out these and more at Hard Candy’s website. The two other shades are darker than the one that I own, and while those might actually be bronzers, this one is definitely only a highlighter. The golden side of the duo is far too light to perform as a bronzer. It is, however, a beautiful golden highlight. I have heard people compare it to Benefit’s Sun Beam liquid highlighter.


The following swatches are taken in natural daylight.






(This last photo was taken in direct sunlight so you could really see the luminosity.)

I would definitely recommend this product… it performs well and is a great price. Is it a “must-have”? Not really… if you have other highlighters that you love, this will give you the same effect.

Feel free to check out these two other reviews I have posted about Hard Candy products:

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Thanks for reading!


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